Active Job Seekers (AJS e.g)

Active Job Seekers (AJS e.g), a registered association founded in 1992, is a member association of the National Cooperative Organisation of the Unemployed. It is a politically and religiously unaffiliated, gutsy association of about 150 jobless people. Its goals are to reduce unemployment and to maintain the occupational skills and work capacity of its members.

The Association arranges training, recreational activities, language study groups, physical exercise groups, dance courses, and excursions, thus offering jobless people opportunities to make new acquaintances and keep their spirits up by going out for meaningful activities. It looks after jobless people and reminds the community of the rights of the unemployed by organising various events in collaboration with the labour authorities, social welfare, the Social Insurance Institution and others, and by arranging supervision-of-interests meetings.

Contact information:

Kaija Nuutinen,

Executive Director in charge of the project

Tel. +358 13 220 603 or +358 50 553 9563


Juhani Vuorela,

Project Assistant

Tel. +358 50 437 2826


Sirpa Pajarinen,

Job Coach

Tel. +358 13 220 601 or +358 50 550 8317


Pekka Kotilainen,

electrical work

Tel. +358 13 225 406

Martti Laatikainen,

dismantling work

Tel. +358 40 822 2367

Risto Määttänen

lay work section, Evangelic Lutheran Parish of Joensuu

Tel. +358 50 385 5137

email: risto.maattanen(at)

Majakka (‘The Lighthouse’)


Updated 7 November 2018